Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the last pieces of the old year

Hello Friends,
These photos were taken in the last week of December; after the realization that Christmas was over was truly starting to sink in, and the more happy prospect of a fresh year approaching was starting to brew. Of course, this was also before my pink hair, a time that I like to think of as the "sad hair period".
I love nothing more than a good plaid pattern, and I think my eastern european roots automatically attract me to any embroidery on a piece of clothing. Thus, naturally, these two things had to be worn together to form one of my favourite outfits to date.
This was my coping outfit, the one I wore to distance myself from the thought that I would have to wait another year for Christmas, and the outfit that allowed me to accept the idea that another year was about to be over. 
Anyways, this outfit is a nice reminder of the bearable weather we were experiencing only a week an half ago, while now, walking outside [in Toronto] in 50 layers is like walking out naked in the arctic . . . if that makes sense . . . I went in for a joke there, not sure how it worked. 
Keep warm!
- Wearing a Topshop jumper, Marks & Spencer blouse, Tommy Hilfiger skirt, Ardene tights, Pegabo boots, Burberry scarf, gifted earrings and ring, Esprit coat, ASOS hat -

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Leena Liddell said...

I looove this look :) It's very cute! The tartan skirt is so cute :) xx