Sunday, January 12, 2014

the girl in the red dress

Hello friends,
I love fog. I know that it can be risky when it comes to driving and really any sort of navigating, but the fog makes for surreal looking photographs. Forget photoshop, you have mother nature providing you with the most brilliant of special effects. Seriously. These photos have no over exposure. That is pure fog. Basically, I am at a lack of words because these photos make me so happy, so I hope you enjoyed them!
See you all soon!
Ruta, xx


Caroline Topperman said...

Those photos are perfect! I especially love the last one. I love how quiet the world gets when there's fog. Love the vibrant red against the washed out white! You look great.

OceanWind said...

Amazing photos so dreamy!!!

OceanWind Blog

Daiva said...

Amazing amazing photos! Love!