Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello Friends,

I feel like red is the best colour. I'm not saying that it's my favourite colour because it isn't, but it's the best colour in terms of how powerful and "out there" it is. I feel like red just makes a statement. You can't wear red and not make a statement, which is why so many people fear the colour. Red sticks out, but I like that. Red is emotion, lust, love, evil, and everything else in between. It represents so much, and it's different to every person. When I wear red at different times throughout the year, I feel different things, although I almost seem to avoid it during the summer, as though there is enough heat without me wearing a flaming red dress. Yet, throughout the whole year, red means power and confidence. When I wear red, I feel confident, like I can take on the world (or at least my goals for the day). 

How do you feel about the colour red? And would you wear a red leather jacket?

Happy Monday all!

Ruta xx

- Wearing a vintage leather jacket, American Apparel jumper, Marks & Spencer blouse, Marciano skirt, Ardene tights, Aldo flats, Beret bought in Paris -

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Daiva said...

Very very beautiful red.I love your red color and red Your jacket. Beautiful pictures!