Thursday, October 24, 2013

the beanie hat

Hello Friends,

I feel like there is so much going on in this outfit, but the only thing that I want to talk about is this hat. I spent over a month and a half stalking the ASOS website trying to figure out if I should buy this hat or not (and it wasn't even expensive). Everyone has their addictions, and one of mine is hats. I love hats so much!!! Not only are they practical, but they can really change up an outfit and add something special. Obviously this outfit doesn't really need more than it already has, but hey, the hat is awesome!! So I justified the buying of another hat because I figured I'm going to wear it loads, so why not have it in my hat collection?

Anyways, quick post today, but I have loads of outfit posts that I need to write up, so expect more in the next week! 

Ruta xx

- Wearing H&M dress, unknown sweater, Via Spiga tights, Minnetonka wedge booties, Line leather jacket from Holt Renfrew, scarf from Winners, ASOS hat, Michael Kors watch, Ardene necklace -


Daiva said...

Very beautiful outfits! Good luck Ruta!

Kourtney Moore said...

Nice outfit! I love beanies and leather jackets for fall.

Raivyn dK

Dharia L├ęzin said...

This outfit rocks!!!