Saturday, September 29, 2012

the little pendant

Wearing a DIY sweater by my mom, Guess dress, Silks tights, Michael Kors watch, gifted rings, Yves Rocher nail polish, gifted necklace.

This viking boat necklace was a sixteenth birthday gift from one of my grandmothers. It's probably my most worn piece of jewelry besides all the rings I wear. When I originally received the pendant (the other pendant was bought at Sacre Coeur when I was in Paris this summer), I was told it was to help with academics. Yet, over the past 4 years that I've had it, it's grown to represent so much more. My grandmother said it would bring smooth sailing over my academic career, yet realistically, when I think about it, nobody can sail smoothly forever. When you're floating on open water, you'll be mauled by storms, tested by thrashing waves, and haunted by noises from creatures and nature in general. Of course, with the bad there comes the heart-warming sunset where you watch a beautiful ball of light sink into the depths of dark water or the peaceful calm experienced by sitting on the top deck eating lunch and listening to a bewitching melody being played on a guitar by an attractive man. This necklace no longer symbolizes academics, it symbolizes life. There is never going to be smooth sailing, but when I wear this necklace I'm reminded that the storm doesn't last forever. Even if the good is temporary, so is the bad, but it's how we handle these moments of turbulence that really demonstrate who we are. This next year is going to be one long voyage for me, and I hope through everything, this little necklace will help keep me on track, reminding me each day that there is possibility for beauty and peaceful sailing (even if it's just for the day).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room Tour

As I mentioned months ago, but then never really followed through, my blog has gone under a re-design. This means that although it is going to remain mainly a fashion blog, I'm going to be incorporating make-up, random inspiration, home decor, food, and whatever else I like. Most of the other stuff will be presented through videos, so you can check the "vlog" tab for all of those.

Today I present a room tour. I finally had my room renovated by my very lovely and talented parents (they legitimately did everything themselves, and I mean everything). It's huge change to me because my walls used to be covered in shelves filled toys and knick knacks, not that my room still isn't filled with knick knacks, but there's just a lot less of it...sort of. My closet looks incredibly different also, but it just goes to show that sometimes you have to get creative and take advantage of the space you have. My room is by no means big, and my bed takes up more than half of it, but I think I've used the space well. I still don't have my pictures up on the walls, but so far I have three prints I bought in Paris, one photograph of people being all romantic in Paris, and another of people dancing in the rain in New York City. I'll blog about them when they are up, but for now, enjoy the photos and video!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

grandma's got style

Wearing Hush Puppies, Tommy Hilfiger skirt, vintage top and cardigan, gifted rings, mom's necklace, unknown socks, Gucci glasses, OPI nail polish, Michael Kors watch.

I've always seen the "grandma look" as my favourite style choice. Not only is it comfortable, but it reminds me of that old school vibe that I love so much. I know that it sometimes makes me look bulky or rather covered up in too much fabric, but my grandma style will always be close to heart. This particular day was rather chilly in the morning, so I was ecstatic to bring out my lovely warm grandpa cardigan. Not only is it a beautiful colour, but it puts me into such a fantastic mood. I adore autumn and the ability to wrap myself up in an oversized sweater and walk around campus with a lovely hot coffee in hand is probably one of the best things. I can't wait till the leaves change colours and I'm able to step on crunchy leaves and sit outside with hot tea, chatting with my best friend about the copious amounts of work that we have but are knowingly putting off to enjoy the lovely weather (that was a mouthful, aha).

I hope everyone is enjoying the changing of the seasons! Have a lovely week!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

in the night, the stormy night

Wearing a vintage blouse and sweater, unknown jacket, Cougar rain boots c/o Cougar with unknown socks, Hurley dress, gifted necklace and rings, Michael Kors watch.

Unknown mirror, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.

One of my friends described this set of outfit photos as a "Ralph Lauren ad" which I took as a great compliment, but it made me think about how when I leaf through magazines, I'm definitely one of those people who pay great attention to them. I know that sometimes they can get annoying when all you want is to get to a particular article or set of photos, but the ads placed in magazines are incredibly beautiful in my mind (well, at least most of them).
Anyways, the rain boots in this outfit seem a little out of place but the whole day was rainy except for the moment when I decided to take my outfit photos, which was convenient but didn't really give my boots the proper "atmosphere".

Fall has definitely set in, but so has my school schedule. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying every minute so far!
Hope you're all having great weekends!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

knee socks: a balancing act

When I was in high school we got to wear kilts and knee socks, but I never really took advantage of that because I didn't cut my kilt and since I didn't want to wear it when it was uncut, I just opted for pants instead. I eventually did end up cutting my kilt, but even then it wasn't as short as the other girls (honestly though, some girls had their kilts so short, it was just a little too inappropriate for school, which is why my high school eventually took out of the uniform). Anyways, long story short, even when I wore my kilt, I wore tights, so I never engaged in the whole knee sock wearing thing. Now, I'm embracing it, maybe a little too much. But I think it's such a convenient style, perfect for early fall weather. Tights can get too overbearing and bare legs are too chilly. Enter knee socks, the perfect balancing act.

Song: Bright Lights (Fly) - Alex Goot

Wearing a vintage dress, unknown tee, Nine West knee socks, Geox flats, Michael Kors watch, Zara belt, mom's necklace, Banana Republic cardigan.