Friday, July 20, 2012

the glass house

Wearing a vintage skirt, top and belt, Sperrys, Gifted necklaces and rings, Michael Kors watch, OPI nail polish in Just Spotted a Lizard.

I've always been attracted to greenhouses. I don't know why but maybe it's because the amount of times I have watched the second Harry Potter movie, the beautiful greenhouse has become ingrained in my mind. I was so excited that I finally got to spend time in my grandmother's greenhouse. I literally sat there for like an hour taking photos of all the vegetables that were starting to grow. It honestly felt like I was in some sort of fairytale, it was amazing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pa┼żaislis Monastery

As promised, some photos from my travels. I'll be interspersing my regular outfit posts with these.

This photos are from Pa┼żaislis Monastery. It's such a beautiful place. I have a small obsession with churches and monasteries whenever I visit Europe, so it was amazing to walk around and hear about the history. My favourite part was when we saw the catacombs. That was so incredible, and breathtaking, but also heartbreaking because the stories told were so sad. Anyways, I'm definitely not the best person to explain history, but enjoy the photographs!

I took over 300 photos here, but obviously I can't post them all, so I picked random ones.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a vintage affair

Vintage dress and belt. Sperrys. Michael Kors watch. Gifted necklaces and rings. Links of London bracelet and vintage glass beed gifted bracelet.

I've only been in Lithuania for 3 and a half days and I've already managed to take 1000 photos. And since everything I've done has been on the down low side, I can guarantee that by the time I leave, I'm going to have more photos than I have time to look at them all. Anyways, since I can't post ALL of my photos, I thought I'd start by doing an outfit photo post one day, followed by some scenic photos the next.
This dress was my mom's and I love it so much! I've stopped wearing it with a slip underneath and instead just wear black bike shorts and a bra. It's much easier to wear and definitely more breezy. Since it's not that sheer, it also doesn't look like I'm just wearing some really long underwear (aha).

Friday, July 13, 2012

up up and away

Hey everyone! So I'm currently in LITHUANIA! For those that don't know, Lithuania is a small little country in Eastern Europe near the Baltic sea, squashed in between Latvia and Poland. It's an incredibly gorgeous country, and my homeland.
I'll be posting photos from my travels, so I hope you enjoy them. Obviously, I'm traveling in style, aha. Anyways, these first few photos are taken from the plane window, so no photos of myself for now, but enjoy the beautiful view.