Saturday, March 17, 2012

ramblings and fringe

Wearing an H&M dress, Chinese Laundry socks, Silks tights, vintage vest, gifted jewelry, Geox flats, Michael Kors watch.

Holt Renfrew "Line" leather jacket, Ray Ban wayfarers.

When getting dressed I have two stages. The first stage is what I call the "most people" stage. It's the stage when my outfit would be worn by most people. For example, this pink dress with tights would be that outfit. But I have a second stage that I call "the Ruta" stage. That's when I throw on a bunch of things that add my personal little touch, like this vest, the socks and the necklace. If I just wore the dress I would feel naked because it's not who I am, I need to have eccentric pieces that show my personality.
It's a shame that so many people are scared to wear something that will set them apart from the crowd. I was bullied in elementary school and a part of high school for being different, but that made me even stronger and it made me appreciate my uniqueness. I really wish more people had the strength to step away from trends and the crowds. That's probably a reason I never follow fashion week. It really bothers me when people think that following trends makes them fashionable. I hardly ever go shopping, and if I do it's to pick up basic items that I can wear over and over again. Usually I just pull out random clothes I find tucked away or borrow something from my mom.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. We've been having lovely weather in Toronto, so incredibly beautiful. All I want to do is frolic outside in the sunshine, but school is pretty much my biggest barrier right now. Summer please come sooner!

Have a lovely weekend, and see you all next week!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Holt Renfrew leather jacket, Aldo shoes, unknown top, scarf and tights, H&M skirt,

I took these photos over the weekend when we had our first real warm day this year. It was an incredibly mild winter either way, but being able to wear my leather jacket and flats felt amazing. I love the first sights of spring, everything feels so fresh and new, and there is an air of excitement every where I go.

I'm currently nearing the end of my third year of university. Then I'll have my LSAT in June and my fourth and last year of my undergraduate studies will begin in September. It's ridiculous to think that only 3 years ago I was writing on this blog and talking about my upcoming high school graduation. In some ways, I like that I have this blog to document my life. Even if I sometimes slack in updates, when I look back at the outfits I've worn I remember days both good and bad, and it's a really nice way to reminiscence.

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lash Genius

I recently received this Anastasia product, called Lash Genius. Apparently it's a top coat for mascara. I have to admit that I'd never heard of a mascara top coat, so I was pretty giddy when I opened the package because who doesn't love to try new products?
Anyways, Lash Genius is a waterproof top coat that you can put on top of your mascara. After using it a few times, I can vouch that it is an awesome product. I've always stayed away from waterproof mascara because I usually don't need it, but then when I do need it, I don't have any. That's why this product is incredible. You can waterproof your mascara whenever you actually need it. So if you're going swimming or it's raining outside or you're off to see a tear-jerker movie but still want to look good, than you can apply this top coat. It's great cause if you're like me and don't like using waterproof mascara all the time, you can save money and still use your regular mascara.

This product will be available for purchase at Sephora staring May 2012 (right in time for summer). I definitely recommend it!!

- It's waterproof.
- It's colourless.
- Doesn't clump.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Doesn't harden mascara.
- Can be used with any mascara (although obviously if you're using waterproof mascara then you don't need this).

I also received a really lovely book along with the product, and these are a few of my favourite pages.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

pretty in pink

On Friday I attended a ball hosted by my college at my university. It was absolutely incredible! It was held at a hotel that used to be a bank, so we were able to take pictures in what used to be the bank vault (the door was so HUGE). We had a 1920s Speakeasy theme, although lots of my friends referred to it as "The Great Gatsby Affair". Some people dressed along to the theme, but I wasn't able to find anything I liked that went along with it, so instead I wore this incredible pink dress. Back when I was in high school this would have been my ideal prom dress, but I'm really glad I got to wear it now. Unfortunately, I cannot post any photos from the actual ball because they are private photos, but here are some that I took beforehand, especially for my blog (and my grandma :)).

Wearing a Betsey Johnson dress, Nine West heels, Silks tights, jewelry from my Mom, MAC lipstick.