Thursday, November 29, 2012

tweed-le dee

Wearing a vest made by my mom, Tristan & America skirt, vintage bracelets, amber bracelet from Lithuania, gifted necklae, unknown top and tights, Doc Martens.

I've always been a fan of tweed. Returning to my spiels about how certain types of clothes and silhouettes make me feel comfortable, this fabric is one of those little things that makes me think of home. It might sound silly, but I think if I were to move out or go study somewhere else, tweed would always make me think of home. In all honesty, it would make me homesick. When I was little my dad had this tweed jacket that he would wear all the time, and I think from all my childhood memories about what my parents wore, that jacket sticks out like a sore thumb. There really is something wonderful in being able to associate clothes or even certain fabrics to memories of childhood.


Terry S said...

How freaking ADORABLE are you? I absolutely adore this look! Love it!! <3


FashionMr Paul said...

Love this outfit - Very nice !