Sunday, November 18, 2012


Wearing an H&M top,  DIY denim cutoffs, unknown tights, Hush Puppies loafer, beret from Paris, Dior lipstick in Red Icon, Gifted necklace and rings, Michael Kors watch, bracelet from Honey, gloves from Walmart.

"When I was young, I set my heart upon a red balloon
I knew of nothing that was nicer than a red balloonI tried to hold tightly to the string but still I saw it fly away

Now, I am grown and find my heart is in another's handsAnd all the love I have to give is in his careCan our love stay alive until another springWill he hold the string or let it go too soon?Too soon lies the red balloon"- Judy Garland (
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Polina said...

Have you ever considered dying your hair a darker shade of blonde? I think that bleach blonde is a bit harsh for your skin tone and darker hair would look great on you!

Terry S said...

This is SOOOOO adorable, Ruta! I LOVE all of the red!! <3333


Kenya Hunter said...

Such a cute look! Love it!!

xo, Kenya
Kenya L Fashion Blog

Tany Fashionista said...

Seriously!! Ruta red is so your color!! I love it!! xo

Indie In The Caribbean said...

I just can't, wow..i love the way you dress glad to come across this blog!

anirataC said...

great outfit, love everything about it!
following you :)