Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room Tour

As I mentioned months ago, but then never really followed through, my blog has gone under a re-design. This means that although it is going to remain mainly a fashion blog, I'm going to be incorporating make-up, random inspiration, home decor, food, and whatever else I like. Most of the other stuff will be presented through videos, so you can check the "vlog" tab for all of those.

Today I present a room tour. I finally had my room renovated by my very lovely and talented parents (they legitimately did everything themselves, and I mean everything). It's huge change to me because my walls used to be covered in shelves filled toys and knick knacks, not that my room still isn't filled with knick knacks, but there's just a lot less of it...sort of. My closet looks incredibly different also, but it just goes to show that sometimes you have to get creative and take advantage of the space you have. My room is by no means big, and my bed takes up more than half of it, but I think I've used the space well. I still don't have my pictures up on the walls, but so far I have three prints I bought in Paris, one photograph of people being all romantic in Paris, and another of people dancing in the rain in New York City. I'll blog about them when they are up, but for now, enjoy the photos and video!

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It is so nice to see where you live. That chandelier is gorgeous.