Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a long and winding road

I am finally back in Toronto! Although I really enjoyed my summer in Europe, it feels good to be home. Throughout the school year I always experience a yearning to fly off somewhere and explore new places, meet new people, and create memories that will turn into long winded stories shared over drinks at a pub with my friends or over wine with family. But now that I've actually had that chance, there is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am finally home in my own house, surrounded my own things. Travelling is fun, but nothing can change the feeling on knowing you're home. Home sweet home after all!
These photos are from a day I spent wandering around Vilnius. I got lost quite a few times and wandered down streets that led me to see beautiful sights I probably wouldn't have seen if I didn't get lost. The photos of myself were taken with a tripod. I was that random girl who would stop in the middle of the street, pull out her tripod and start posing in front of the self-timer. I got loads of weird stares, but after a while I kind of learned to tune them out.

Wearing a UO rain coat, Guess dress, Sperrys, Coach bag, Cynthia Rowley scarf.

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Victoria said...

love love love your outfit !! And jacket ! And scarf ! And I also love that old lady's outfit ! :D How adorable ! :)