Sunday, July 15, 2012

a vintage affair

Vintage dress and belt. Sperrys. Michael Kors watch. Gifted necklaces and rings. Links of London bracelet and vintage glass beed gifted bracelet.

I've only been in Lithuania for 3 and a half days and I've already managed to take 1000 photos. And since everything I've done has been on the down low side, I can guarantee that by the time I leave, I'm going to have more photos than I have time to look at them all. Anyways, since I can't post ALL of my photos, I thought I'd start by doing an outfit photo post one day, followed by some scenic photos the next.
This dress was my mom's and I love it so much! I've stopped wearing it with a slip underneath and instead just wear black bike shorts and a bra. It's much easier to wear and definitely more breezy. Since it's not that sheer, it also doesn't look like I'm just wearing some really long underwear (aha).


Laura said...

Your dress is beautiful!! Love it!!

wardrobeexperience said...

great find. this pleated dress is so gorgeous!