Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pažaislis Monastery

As promised, some photos from my travels. I'll be interspersing my regular outfit posts with these.

This photos are from Pažaislis Monastery. It's such a beautiful place. I have a small obsession with churches and monasteries whenever I visit Europe, so it was amazing to walk around and hear about the history. My favourite part was when we saw the catacombs. That was so incredible, and breathtaking, but also heartbreaking because the stories told were so sad. Anyways, I'm definitely not the best person to explain history, but enjoy the photographs!

I took over 300 photos here, but obviously I can't post them all, so I picked random ones.


Laura said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! The architecture is fabulous!

btw the dress you're wearing in the previous post is super pretty!

Cristeen said...

Beautiful photos!!!