Saturday, April 28, 2012


Wearing a DIY blouse, vintage dress, Silks tights, Geox flats, vintage belt, Gifted Jewelry, Michael Kors watch, Sephora lipstick.

I can officially say that as of yesterday I have finished 3/4 of my undergraduate degree. It's rather nerve-wracking. It feels like I just started university, and I'm already forced to start thinking about what I want to pursue after I finish my undergrad. I'm definitely interested in more education, but the only problem is that I need to decide what it is that I intend to study. Oh the woes of being twenty! I've been trying to fit in a lot of personal reading during the last few weeks, which is something I pushed aside during the school year, and I must say that after reading The Catcher in the Rye, and Franny and Zooey, I have thought of nothing but how incredibly hard it is to decide how to proceed with the future.

My mom made this blouse many moons ago, and unfortunately, I don't wear it enough (probably because when my hair was long the material would make my hair static-y. Now, that's not a problem. It's a lovely piece and it lies close to my heart because of the beautiful pattern. I cannot help being attracted to patterned clothing. I'll be walking down the street, and the next thing I know I'm drawn to a store window because I saw a ridiculously printed skirt...which I then end up buying. 

I'm off to get some well earned sleep, and possibly to curl up with a good book beforehand.

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Raji said...

Haha such a scary place to be right now, we're on the edge of adulthood!
Seriously in love with that blouse, cannot believe your mum made it, its gorgeous