Wednesday, January 18, 2012

that's so rad

Wearing Aldo shoes, UO dress, vintage blouse, mom's necklace and pin, Ray Ban wayfarer's with a prescription, Michael Kors watch, gifted bracelet, DIY tights.

I've spent the past week worrying about my future, even attending seminars to get ideas about what to do. I rather think that I've been trying to convince myself that what I want to do with my future is really the right decision for me. There's so much out there, and I've always felt that I can go terribly wrong, but today I feel like it's best to just go with my gut. Anyways, that wasn't fashion related, but I felt like I'd share. I'm sure that many of my readers are also students and can relate to my "what to do with my life?" problem.

In outfit news, I've recently been wearing a lot of my shirts buttoned up all the way. I don't really know why, but this sort of puts me back into my days of reading Nancy Drew and looking at illustrations of her with her blouse buttoned up all the way, wearing a skirt or a pair of slacks when she set out sleuthing. Plus there's a distinct preppy feel that I absolutely adore.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Where has the time gone?

Ps. Those are my reading glasses, but I wore them for my outfit photos.


Rebecca said...

Trust me, I have NO idea what I'm doing with my life either, just kinda praying it works out okay. I adore your outfit, particularly that bright red dress with the denim! xxx

sacramento said...

Madly in love with your DIY tights, gorgeous, Ruta.

emma lou said...

I know how you feel with making big decisions that determine where you'll be in a few years. And you've got it right, go with your gut!
Oh and, your outfit is amazing..


Laura said...

Those tights are so rad!!!! I love the preppy-ness and all of the colors!

E said...

Your tights are totally gnarly! I love how they spice up this preppy look!

michelle_ said...

i love the color block u did here !
i love the tights too..

Samantha Elisabeth said...

Go with your gut! It's better to do that than find a stable job and lots of unhappiness.
Also you look adorable!

Chio said...

awesome look! I still have the same issues with what to do with my life and I'm past university, now doing a master's degree and still unsure ahaha