Sunday, October 30, 2011

what up doc?

Line leather jacket from Holt Renfrew, vintage blouse thrifted, Marciano skirt, gifted necklace and rings, Hue tights, Dr. Martens shoes, MAC lipstick.

When I was in high school I spent a great amount of time reading the Princess Diaries books. Besides Harry Potter, it was by-far my favourite book series. I really loved how Mia was so unconventional, and her constant talk about combat boots made me love her character even more. I remember in the first book she's sitting in the zoo at Central Park while it's getting dark, and she states that nobody would try messing with a girl in combat boots. I always found that rather funny, but I suppose all those years reading the books made me develop a desire for a pair of Dr. Martens.
I ended up getting a pair of doc's for my birthday a month ago. I have to say that they are SO COMFORTABLE! These shoes are honestly the best thing I own. Not only are they comfy, but they reject dirt and water and are so easy to clean. Best gift ever. Honestly.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Wearing Burberry trench coat, Moda International blouse, Vintage skirt, Cougar boots c/o of Cougar Boots, vintage scarf, gifted jewelry.

So I've been rather obsessed with bright lipstick colours the past few days. The brighter, the better. This red lipstick made me feel very Marilyn Monroe (blonde hair, pale skin, red lips), which is never a bad thing, that woman was insanely glamorous.

I got these boots c/o of Cougar Boots and they are absolutely incredible. I already own a pair of yellow Cougar Rain Boots, so when they offered me the chance to try these out I was ecstatic. While they are different than my other ones, I think these are better for adding a fashionable flair to an outfit, while still being practical, plus these are much easier to match (I love matching). They are insulated inside so your feet stay warm, but they DON'T SWEAT, which happens to another pair of rain boots that I have that are from a different company. Plus, they are incredibly comfy to walk in. I spent two whole days in these boots, and my feet were very happy. One day it didn't even rain like it was supposed to, but my feet were still happy. The design on the sides is also incredible.

Anyways, I definitely recommend these boots, and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

polaroid nostalgia

*I went picture crazy*

Wearing Line leather jacket from Holt Renfrew, BCBG dress, unknown tights, Minnentonka flats, Tie Rack scarf, Holt Renfrew beret, gifted jewelry, vintage cardigan.

I was getting dressed yesterday and found all these polaroids on my dresser. I'd placed some other items on top of them, so they lay there forgotten for quite some time. I felt rather nostalgic looking at them. t remember the day I took them. It was a hot summer, weekend day, back when I had absolutely nothing to do but walk around barefoot, so I took it upon myself to uncover the old family polaroid and snap away. I wasted a pack of 10 polaroids, 1 got ruined though (that's why there are only 9).
I love the way polaroids look, the grainy image that appears a bit blurry or overexposed. They capture moments and things in such raw terms, that it's sometimes a bit endearing to look at them. Such beauty!
On another note, these tights are fantastic! I like how gold they are and how they could transform this dress that I'm not particularly fond of, into something lovely.

I hope you enjoyed my summer nostalgia, although it didn't last long (HELLO AUTUMN)!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The gentle winds that blew, brushed the Autumn of your hair

Wearing a Marciano jacket, vintage blouse, Tristan and America skirt, Hue tights, Geox flats, bow from Ardene, Michael Kors watch, gifted jewelry.

Oh autumn, the most wonderful time of the year. Even though I'm currently loaded down with piles of homework (I hardly leave my room) there's something so special about being able to dress up in pretty fall colours and head to class, stepping on crunchy leaves (I make an effort to step on them, the sound is so satisfying). I'm prone to wearing this military jacket during the autumn months, a lot. I remember when I first got this jacket 6 years ago. I wore it twice and then it sat in the back of my closet until 2 years ago when I had a reality check and realized that this is probably one of the most fantastic pieces I own. It goes with absolutely everything and I'd definitely say it's one of the items that I must have in my closet.

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday!