Friday, September 30, 2011


Wearing Forever 21 dress and blouse, AA socks, Geox shoes, gifted jewelry.

I don't like apologizing for not posting because I think that your real life should always come first, and then your cyber life, but I really do love my blog, and when I neglect it, I feel sad.

Anyways, third year of university is much more hectic than I could have ever imagined, but at least I actually really like all my classes this year and I've achieved some pretty impressive roles in student life. The weather has also been rather decent, so I've been able to go barelegged for quite some time. I took these photos yesterday, and I love how they show our beautiful hydrangea bushes.
This dress is honestly my favourite random summer purchase. I remember the day I bought it: my friend and I were roaming stores and we happened to decide we couldn't go home till be bought something, so I randomly picked up this dress. The back caught my eye especially. It's such a plain dress, but then the back is like "bang!". Plus, the fact that it's a layering dress makes everything better (floral helps too).

This weekend is my birthday weekend, so I plan to try and balance my studies with some fun. Hope you all enjoy your weekends!

Ps. I have a few product reviews to do, so I shall do those in the next few days as well.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i love a boy in a whole 'nother language

Wearing Geox flats, Marciano dress, American Apparel jumper, unknown tights, Aldo hat, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Burberry bag, gifted jewelry.

The other day my best friend sent me dozens of photographs, half b/w and half colour, and asked me to pick which ones I liked the best. Despite the fact that most of the photographs made more sense in colour, I immediately picked b/w. I've started to realize that I make most of my photographs black and white, and I don't even have a decent explanation, apart from "it looks better black and white". I think there's something so much more mysterious about a photograph that has lost its colour, so much more thought and imagination has to be put into the description.

I happened to choose an all black and white outfit the other day (well my jumper has blue stripes), and conveniently found that my photos didn't have to be colour to showcase the clothing.

My bag is my new prize possession. After working all summer I thought it only right to treat myself to something that I could use for a long time. This Burberry bag is such a classic, the perfect size, and simply the most amazing thing that I currently own. I swoon just looking at it.
(You can swoon too if you want).

Hope you all have wonderful Monday's.

(Ps. I'm slightly addicted to this video. The song is meh, but the video is too adorable for words.)

Friday, September 16, 2011


Wearing a vintage top and skirt. Minnentonka moccasins. Levi's jacket from UO.

Hello hello hello! I am back!
The past few of weeks have been incredibly busy and blogging was just not an option. I feel like neglecting to post was a horrible thing to do, but now that I'm back, I'm glad I had that nice hiatus.

Anyways. Another school year has started, and third year of university is looking be be completely different than I expected, in a good way though. I'm incredibly excited for all the new classes I have, all the new people I'll meet, and all the experiences and special moments I'll have.
This Levi's jacket has been my go-to article of clothing this week. I've worn it so many times already, but I can't help it. I wish I could own it in a bunch of other colours because of how handy it is. I especially like that the little pockets on the side fit my Blackberry in perfectly.

I'm off to go do some readings, buy some books, and enjoy the rest of my first week back at school. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!