Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's going to be a roaring twenties holiday season

I'm currently seeking a few moments refuge from all my studying. I've been taking study breaks looking up 1920s fashions and I'm OBSESSED! I've had a thing for the twenties ever since 10th grade when my teacher made us learn the Charleston, and showed us images of flappers. The twenties are probably my favourite era for clothing. The beautiful dresses, the hair, the jewelry and of course the attitude that went along with everything. I think what makes the clothing so attracting is the history that goes along with it. This was the era when women finally began to break out of the standards that had been set up for them. I could give you all a history lesson, but I'll let you do the research yourselves. You can all just enjoy these photographs for now :)

Ps. In reference to my title, I bought a flapper dress at a vintage shop for an incredible price and I plan to wear it for Christmas, complete with the hair, the makeup and the attitude.

All photos found on Google images.


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Ooh! Can't wait to see your Christmas outfit :)

Susan said...

Great minds think alike... I've been researching 20s fashion, too, for a GREAT GATSBY-inspired blog post which I hopefully will get up sometime today. LOVE the 20s style and all things art deco.