Monday, June 13, 2011

coral corduroy

Vintage dress and belt. Levi's jacket from UO. Aldo heels. Gifted necklace and rings. Maybelline nails in Cherry Pop!. Michael Kors watch.

I've always believed in trying to get the most for your money. Now, while I am rather stingy on spending money on many things, when it comes to clothing, I tend to shed more than a few dollars. Yet, I've always thought that you should take advantage of good deals, especially if you can track them down. This Levi's corduroy jacket was originally $90. I then saw it on sale for $40. After deciding it wasn't worth the money, I put it out of my head. But like they say, if it's meant to be, it'll be, so when I came back two days later, and it was only $20 I snatched it off the rack. So, I really did end up getting the most for my money because this little jacket is the most wonderful contribution to my wardrobe. The pockets even fit my blackberry and keys perfectly.

I remember when I used to wear this vintage dress as a little girl. It used to reach my ankles and it was only a dress-up thing. Now, I'm glad that I can finally parade around town in it. Growing up isn't that bad sometimes :).


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


TOTALLY IS. By "that feeling," I'm referring to the "Uh, I want that/ wish I got that, okay I'm going to get it, AH ITS ON SALE." Yup. Me and my sister were talking about how it should be in the "book of awesome." Legit. Hahha. Loveee it.

You look way adorable! That's so cool that that dress was part of your childhood. I'd love to see pictures of you when you were a kid. Feel like you were such a cutie patutieee!

the sparkling dust said...

ruta, that dress looks amazing on you. And the jacket is adorable and you got it with good deal. Yay!
I love your high heels too :))

A said...

Glad you got a good deal on the jacket! the best things are worth waiting for :)
The vintage dress is gorgeous, hope to see more of it in your outfit posts!

Laura said...

It's so awesome you have that dress now all of these later I am so smitten with it, it's sooooooooo perfect!!!!!!!

Annie Spandex said...

The dress and shoes are a great match! xx

SoapyMermaid said...

I also think the dress and the shoes are a fantastic match... your jacket is so cool and I am like you I like to make the most of my money.. that's why I thrift most of my clothes but sometimes sales are very interesting.

Angel Garcia said...

$20?? See I am usually hesitant about waiting.. I am afraid if I wait and go back it will be gone.. Thats why i just always buy it right away! Nice look!

All the best, Angel

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

You've had that dress since you were a little girl? How cool!

I absolutely love this outfit. It's definitely one of my favourites of yours.

CDG said...

I want your necklace so bad! It is simply gorgeous and I don't want to stop staring at it. I am aware that that is very creepy though, so I shall stop staring at it. And this dress is superb. It makes me think of something a gypsy would wear while travelling to their next destination...wherever that may be. I just completely love the print on it. And bargain hunting is really the only way to go. I find very few things on the planet worth paying full price for.

Suika said...

Lovely written post, this kind of thing happens to me sometimes too ^^
Your jacket is really cute ^:D and I love your rings, they're awesome !

sacramento said...

I love the way you wear vintage, my friend.

therubylotus said...

That dress is absolutely dreamy :) I'm so jealous! And I want your necklaceeeee!!!!

Ruby (please blogroll me!)

Bonnie said...

Your top is magical.
Seriously magical.
That color is amazing for the season!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

P.S. I do hip hop, jazz, and Latin dancing. :)

Kyla said...

beautiful dress! and I LOVE that horn necklace - SWOOON!