Friday, February 11, 2011

opal of my eye

I must admit that I don't dress according to the weather. For a couple days I tried, but woollen jumpers and jeans isn't exactly my idea of a "me" outfit.
This outfit was not practical at all (though you can all be assured that I wore boots rather than flats when I went to school), which is why there is such a lack of photos. I kept throwing off my jacket quickly for the timer, and then rushing to put it back on. To put it simply, I'm officially ready for spring.
I love this mini dress. It's such a simple shape and style that it makes it super easy to re-style it. I wore it with my favourite vintage blouse (which I wear way too often).
My parents got me the necklace I'm wearing as a gift. I also got another amazing necklace, but I'll reveal that a bit later as I'm wearing it to a ball I'm attending in March (more details on that soon).

Happy weekend to all!

Wearing a thrifted dress, vintage blouse, unknown tights, Geox flats, earrings from Holt Renfrew, gifted necklace, Michael Kors watch.


Susan said...

Love those earrings


Sophie Carmo said...

Your look is very nice. I love your dress a lot :-)

agent 0017 said...

omg loveeee the hair very chic :)

Laura said...

You look so pretty!!! I love your mini dress it's so retro mod =)

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous dress, and I love the earrings!

Barbara said...

i like that outfit a lot

Raji said...

Love this outfit
That necklace is absolutely sensational!

RainCooper said...

Great necklace.X

3smallapples said...

I'm not a weather dresser either, I find it impossible! And then I'm always cold, without fail... :(

Really cute dress, it's a great shape.


yiqin; said...

thats a lovely
necklace <3

Dreamy Princess said...

LOVE your outfit! The dress+blouse+belt= CHIC!(:

How nice your parent are.. the necklace is so nice!(:

Dreamy Princess

Rand T said...

so beautiful!<3<3:)
have a good day

kitten roar said...

i love this dress, and also the simple way you tucked the excess length of the belt. it actually really adds something to it.