Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I didn't realize that wearing a beret would cause so many remarks. I wear hats to school all the time, but I've never received such a response like when I wore my beret. Some were good, some bad, and some were simply "wow, you're so French", yet, I don't know whether people meant it in a good way or bad. Nonetheless, I positively adore this beret, and I do enjoy this touch of French to my wardrobe.

I'm wearing a vintage blazer/jacket and scarf, Marciano dress, unknown tights, Holt Renfrew beret, and Aldo shoes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ivy league

My lack of posting shall be excused due to mid-term season and extensive amounts of reading. Nonetheless, my best friend Chris and I found time to take photos around our university campus today. My university campus is sectioned off into various colleges (sort of like a home base), so we took pictures around my college, but hopefully next week I can find some time to venture to the other colleges and take photos there.

Autumn is my favourite season. I am a complete and utter lover of school, and autumn has always been the season that I associate with university life. The old rustic buildings, the ivy creeping along the stone walls, the crunchy leaves scattered across the grass; it's an incredibly poetic season.

I hope you all enjoy the photos. There are A LOT.

I'm wearing a Burberry trench coat, Baddley Mischka bag, Geox shoes, Guess blouse, Banana Republic cardigan, vintage skirt and scarf, Gap headband, gifted earrings, unknown tights.

Chris is wearing Aldo shoes, Burberry scarf, H&M trench coat, shirt and vest, and Gap jeans.