Monday, May 31, 2010

aerobics instructor off duty for the day

I wasn't exactly sure how to wear this mesh leotard from American Apparel. It was one of those random items I picked up at the AA rummage sale that I went to back in November. Since it was a random spur of the moment purchase I hardly ever thought about wearing it, but this morning I decided to try to style it somehow. The crochet cape has been getting a lot of wear and I like how it helps to tone down the brightness of the skirt as well as make this rather scandalous leotard more tame.

I feel like an 80's aerobics instructor off duty in this outfit.

flats bought at a boutique in Lithuania. Winners skirt. Costa Blanca cape. AA leotard.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I was rather uninspired this weekend, but right now I have about a million outfit ideas in my head, so I can't wait for the coming week so I can share them all with you. I tend to go through these random time frames where I hate everything I own, and randomly put together outfits that I don't really like. Then one day I get a big stroke of inspiration and for the next while I like everything I own. This cycle tends to repeat a lot. Thankfully this time it was only two days.
This is a random outfit I put together to go get coffee with my friend.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends.

Glacee shoes. Banana Republic skirt. Aritzia shirt. vintage belt. Ray Ban Rituals.

Friday, May 28, 2010

the answer is home

This shirt used to belong to my mom. I think that's why I like it so much. There's something so brilliant about wearing clothing that used to belong to someone else, especially someone you know. My mom has tons of pictures of her wearing this shirt (many of her having fun with friends), and I like how it's been passed down to me and how I'll be able to have my adventures.
It feels like carrying a piece of home with me all the time. Something close to the heart.

I'm so excited for the weekend. Do you any of you have any interesting plans?

Glacee shoes. AA figure skater dress. vintage top. unknown jewelry.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I love this floral skirt. It's the perfect pattern, the perfect material, and the perfect shape (sort of). As much as I love it, I find it kind of hard to remix during the summer. When I can add cardigans, blazers, tights and other random items, it's so much easier to create a lovely outfit. Yet summer proves to be challenging because I want to create unique and interesting outfits, but the heat prevents me from remixing the way I would like. I find myself taking longer to get dressed during the summer, which is why I'm not much of a summer person. I prefer cardigan weather.

I'm on the search for a new pair of sunglasses right now. I'm leaning towards some black Ray Ban waferers, but I still might change my mind. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Nine West shoes. Vintage skirt. unknown belt and silver bracelets. Aldo necklace. bracelet gift. Guess Collection crochet top. A&F tank top. Ray Ban Ritual sunglasses.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Whenever I wear this belt I feel a huge surge of superhero power. I know it sounds weird, but the buckle and colour just scream superwoman to me.
As much fun as it is to experiment with menswear look, I do enjoy the classic feminine look.

Another hot day. One of the hottest since 1944.

Club Monaco skirt. Steve Madden heels. vintage blouse and belt. unknown jewelry/gifts.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

guys and dolls

I randomly threw on this outfit, but once I got dressed it reminded me of Guys and Dolls. The guys part would be the top and the men's shorts, but the dolls part would be my wedges, the pink bow, pink nails and my blonde hair. I rather like the look. I'm not to keen on these shorts since they aren't that flattering to my body, but nonetheless, they are a nice change from skirts.

It's incredibly hot today. It doesn't even feel like spring. Then again, it'll be June next week, so I suppose the rapid weather change is normal. I really wish that I could be sitting on a beach in the South of France right now. Unfortunately, that won't be happening; I can dream though, can't I?

Hope you're all enjoying the weather, and if you have cold weather, than hopefully some of this heat in Toronto will drift down to wherever you guys are.

vintage top. men's shorts. Nine West wedges. DIY pink bow and necklace. random jewelry. Aldo ring. unknown belt.