Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i just haven't met you yet

I've currently fallen in love with Michael Buble's new album, Crazy Love. Every song is so sweet and wonderful, the perfect music to relax to. I've been listening to it over and over and over again.
On other news, the other day one of my friends told me how much he loves fashion, art and design and he gave me this little speech about everything that he knows that has to do with fashion especially. It was really wonderful, because although we've been friends for a couple years, I never really knew his passion for the fashion world, yet now that I do know, it's got me really excited. I've never had any friends who knew much about fashion, which is one of the reasons that I originally started blogging. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that now I would have a person to talk to about fashion in real life (apart from my mum who knows lots about fashion as well).
Do any of you have people to talk to about fashion in real life or is blogging your only outlet for expressing your views on fashion?

vintage dress and belt. Capezio leather boots. unknown tights. J.Crew cardigan. jewelry are gifts.


The Owl Diary said...

this outfit is absolutely darling.

& i've been hearing tons of positive things about Michael Buble, but surprisingly have never listened to his music. i should check him out.

and as far as fashion, it's not really something i talk about with friends. i do sometimes with my classmates at school though because quite a few journalism majors seem to be into fashion.

and i'm not exactly an expert on the subject myself, but i do like to blog about it from time to time.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

It's true, the weather is disgusting. I've had no choice but to wear doc martins every day because they're the only things that keep my feet warm.
I love the new Michael Buble album too! xo

Melissa said...

first off michael buble is amazing!! so great! second, I love your sweater! and the whole outfit actually!



come check my blog out!

Greer said...

you are so lovely. x

Polina said...

love the outfit - the colours used are amazing together!

Kylie said...

Yeah the same (main) reason for me starting my blog was that it was my only fashion outlet. None of my friends know anything about fashion... one of my friends didn't even know what Topshop was!! I wanted to cry...

Anyways, about the outfit. NICE colour combination. I don't know what to do with colours, so when I see someone wearing unusual shades its an automatic win. The turquoise-y colour of the dress is PERFECTTTT

Oh man I need to go through your old posts, for some reason I thought you were taking a break from bloging (???) so I havnen't been here forever! Silly me...


AudreyAllure said...

love the color of that outfit :) and as for fashion, i talk to other people in my college about it since it focuses mainly on the business of fashion & there are a lot of us already heavily involved in the business. there are other fashion schools nearby & i have friends that attend there as well. and there are the few times i talk to my boyfriend & he nods his head as if he knew what i was talking about haha

Danielle said...

Omg i know, the album is FANTASTIC!!! I can't stop listening to it either!

Raji said...

I havent heard Michael Buble's album, but I've heard such good things I really want to get it. I like him, he seemed like such a nice guy on XFactor.

Theres a group of us at school, who actually all do blog, and we tend to discuss fashion. But I definitely thing the blogging world has helped bring that out more in us.

I really like the outfit
The colours are gorgeous, and I loveeee your dress

princesspolitico said...

i can say i mainly find ideas from my own collection. i always find that trying to recreate looks found in magazines and on tv is too difficult for me.

this sweater is fantastic... love the elbow patches. you look great! :)