Tuesday, January 26, 2010

change for you; i'd never do it, i'm not a fool

The other day I went to my university's book store, and I ended up realising that there is so much memorabilia that I want. Unfortunately, I cannot possibly buy it all at the same time, so I'll have to decide what I want first. Oh, the life of a university student. Although I find myself out of money all the time, I think it's a great part of the experience of university. Complaining about being penniless is definitely one of the key topics in discussions. Yet, when I really want to buy something, I always have to remind myself to think about whether I truly need the item. This eventually makes me understand that right now I really don't need the sweatpants with my universities name on the butt or the leather monogramed tote bag or even the little teddy bear wearing a sweater with my school's name. It's rather sad.
On outfit news, I'm trying to break away from all the black I've been wearing. There's just too much of it in all my outfits, which is why today's look is a nice break. This cream coloured dress is definitely one of my favourite dresses, yet I've only worn it once. Today I discovered that it's also a great piece to remix, so you'll all be seeing a lot more of this dress soon.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Ps. Favourite song of the moment: Change For You by The Midway State

Urban Outfitters dress. Capezio shoes. AE shirt. Jacob cardigan. unknown tights.


Polina said...

soo cute :)

damn love your outfits! and thank you for the nice comment on my video :)

Fashionography. said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Love the cream color.

Nina said...

You're right, this dress should be worn more often. It's so girly and romantic. You look absolutely lovely!

I was also the girl who forever wore black all the time before ... but I started playing with colors last year and am having a blast since then. I'm looking forward to your blast of colors posts!

prateeti said...

I reeeaaaalllllyyyyy like that dress! :)

Audrey Allure said...

such a pretty dress!
i also want to buy a bunch of things from my college book store too, like a sweatshirt hoodie or something. lol but i think they overprice it haha

M. said...

the back detail of that dress is so pretty

lovelove, M.

Flashes of Style said...

That dress is adorable!! I love it :)

milk said...

Love the dress and the cardigan! Nice boots too!

The Owl Diary said...

Oh I do love this dress & the pretty blue of your cardigan! I'm the same way with the memorabilia at my school. Too many things I want. But I, too, am poor. Hope school is going well and you're week has been lovely so far! xx

Kyla said...

Gorgeous dress! Especially with that pretty teal cardigan!

Kylie said...

Your hair looks different... lighter maybe? Anyways, it looks fab! And yes I think I've harped on this dress before becuase it is GORGEOUS. You styled it well here, not too dressy for school. Just right!


Emz said...

Really cute dress! Tell me about the limited budget of a college student, I hate shopping online and feeling uber depressed over those prices. So I got a job =). haha. It helps, a little?

Heather said...

mmmmmm love the ruffles and low back!

dont worry I am poor at the moment too! I think it forces you to be more creative with everything though :)

aren said...

I know, I barely have enough cash to cover my own leisurely expenses, especially shopping online, when shipping and handling burns a hole on my pocket.

I need to some job hunting to scour some jobs in the job market (sorry for the redundancy).

I really find your outfit smashing. I love the cardigan, necklece, and the detailing on the back of your dress.

Lucie said...

You pair things together so wonderfully! And boy, your dress and that belt are indeed wonderful!