Thursday, July 30, 2009

bear, bear, KARL

This is rather old news, but I was pouring over the September 2008 issue of W Magazine and I came upon this article about Karl Lagerfeld and the bear that he was asked to create. It's essentially a representation of him in teddy bear version. Each bear costs $1, 500 and only 2,500 of them have been launched. I would love to own one of these bears, but alas, that is but a wish that won't come true. You can read the whole article here. It's a rather short article but there are a couple of really good quotes from Karl Lagerfeld. I have to say that I absolutely adore him. Not only is he a fashion genius, but he is superbly talented, creative and he has that particular aura about him that shows him in this light of confidence and complete self-knowledge of his ability. He knows he's brilliant, but he doesn't exactly flaunt it. He has this mystic bubble around him that only he can penetrate. He is the only one who has full knowledge about him and his life. Ok, I'll stop blabbing now, but I really do love Karl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

flowers left by night at my door-step

white shirt, Club Monaco. pink shirt, Forever 21. skirt, Forever 21. shoes, Peaches.

I got my hair cut today. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. My heels kept sinking in the grass so I rushed my pictures, and hence, I ended up not getting a good enough photo.
The weather has been wonderful lately, although most people wouldn't agree with me. I love rain, and we've been having so much rain, it's truly made my summer. I hate hot weather, so this rain has been nice.
As university gets closer I feel the need to stock up on some more clothes, especially skirts and dresses, since that's practically all I wear. Forever 21 has some lovely skirts and dresses on their website but unfortunately I cannot find them here in Canada, and the American site won't ship to Canada. Plus they have a line of clothing that hasn't even come to Canada in stores or online, and they have a couple amazing dresses that I would just love to have. Hopefully, I can find similar ones somewhere.

I just realised that this is my 76th post so I only have 24 more till 100. I have to think up a really special post for my 100th. I still have some time, but it needs to be really good.

Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this is madness i say

This was an editorial in the US Vogue Feb 09 issue. It's titled "It's a Madcap World". I've been browsing through old Vogue editorials and this one by far is one of the loveliest. I especially adore the photo with the balloons. Each outfit put together magnificently and the mixture of bright and dark colours is superbly well done. The lighting is a combination of soft hues which gives this editorial a relaxed mood, while the pops of colour add a "mad"gleam to the pictures. Overall, an editorial that deeply reflects my personal style...which might be why I like it so much.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"i took this out weeks ago for a bit of light reading." "that's light?"

As July comes to a close, I can't help but feel a growing anticipation. As of today I officially have a schedule for my classes for my first year of university. The coming month of August brings with it weekends that will be dedicated to an orientation sleepover for commuter students, shopping for back to school supplies, time spent scouting the campus to find my classes, and lots of fretting about the coming school months. Although I will be a nervous wreck for the next 4 weeks, I can't help being excited. I am about to begin a new chapter in my life, and no matter how scared or nervous I am, I'm also excited for the new adventures, new friends and the new lifestyle.
I feel it right to mention that I am an utter book worm. I love books. I could go days without communication with the outside world, as long as I have a good book with me. I cannot wait to get my hands on my school textbooks. I want to read and learn, and simply take in as much knowledge as my mind can possibly hold. I've committed myself to attempting to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy before school starts, although I have a feeling it will take me much longer than that to read it. In the meanwhile I am also reading lots about current world issues in order to broaden my mind and prepare me for my classes.
Since this blog is primarily a fashion blog, I thought I would mention how one of the things that I am most looking forward to about university, is the ability to wear no uniform. I will finally be able to have blog posts more often, and therefore, I will be able to showcase my clothing in a wider spectrum. Plus, I won't feel guilty buying new clothes because now I will actually be able to wear them.

Finally, I know I promised a Vlog ages ago, and I was going to post it but then I realised I hated my answers and everything I said, so I just couldn't bring myself to post it. So one day I will have a good Vlog. Blogger's Honor (like scout's honor).

Anyways, for those of you who are in university or done, how did you like your time there or how are you enjoying your time there at the moment? Any words of wisdom you'd like to pass on?
In general to everyone else, any book recommendations?

Ps. Who can guess where my blog title is from?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

millions of water drops

Today I went to Niagara Falls, but on the American side. I don't want to sound biased, but the Canadian side is much better, there is just so much more to do and see. Although I enjoyed getting closer to the falls on the American side, it's just dull, while the Canadian side has casino's, restaurants, museums, rides, shops, just a lot more things. Anyways, it was fun nonetheless.

dress, Guess. sweater, Marciano. jewelry, custom made.

I mentioned the project the other day, so this is it:

Here are the details of the Pay It Forward Project:
I am entering into the following contract with the first 5 people who comment on this post saying that they would like to participate and then commit to do the same on their blog. Just read below and if you feel up to the task copy the following into your blog and leave me a comment. I would prefer to not ship out of the USA or Canada, but I might reconsider depending on where you are located, so just let me know where you are.

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. Whatcha get is whatcha get.
2. What I create will be just for you, with love.
3. It’ll be done this year (2009).
4. I will not give you any clue what it’s going to be. It will be something made in the real world and not something cyber. It may be weird or beautiful. Or it may be monstrous and annoying. (unlikely!) Who knows? Not you, that’s for sure!
5. I reserve the right to do something strange.
6. In return, all you need to do is post this text on your blog and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to your blog post.
7. Send your mailing address - after I contact you.

Welcome to everyone. I will however, make an effort to do something that you like based on what I see on your blog.

Come on, don't be shy. Even if you don't think you're the creative type, you might end up surprising yourself - and making 5 other people very happy too!

Anyway, feel free to comment on this post even if you don't want to participate. However, if you do want to participate, indicate that in your comment and if you are among the first five to do so, I will contact you for your mailing address. Know that it might take me a long while to figure out what to send you, so be patient. Also, remember that this is a binding contract, so if you agree to take part, you have to do your part.

Rules as found on the Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination blog.

Anyways, hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Friday, July 24, 2009

i like the way you move

This weekend is going to be very busy for me since I'm going to a lot of fun places, so expect pictures everyone.

I was tagged by Frock around the Clock. :)

1. My biggest goal in life at the moment is to get into a very good law school. Of course I dream of Harvard and Yale, but those at the moment are still dreams, but maybe in four years they will be reality.

2. My grandmother gave me a viking boat pendant a year ago and I've worn it practically every single day for a year. The necklace was meant to help me "sail through life safely and with lots of good luck". I like to think that it's working.

3. Books are amazing. I especially love old used books because I think they give character to the book. It's fun to imagine what the previous owners thought of the book and so on. Sometimes old books have notes from previous readers, it makes the whole reading process so much more wonderful.

4. I hate knowing I'm right and having to convince someone that I am in fact right. Yet instead of leaving it alone, I will make sure I let people know that I'm right. Although it's definitely not the best attitude to have, it's one of "those" things that we each have about ourselves.

5. I hate it when people are disorganized. It freaks me out and makes me really nervous. When I was younger and I used to go shopping with my parents, I'd walk away from them and they'd end up finding me organizing the items in whatever store we were. (Clothing store - I'd be folding the clothes and picking them up from the floor, Book Store - I'd be making sure all the books were in order and neatly stacked). This is a reason I find it hard to be friends with people who are messy. I hate going to someones house and having to go to their room where everything is thrown about on the floor, it gives me a huge urge to just clean.

6. I always pick up pennies, but if they are tails up, I flip them over so that someone else will have good luck. I'll literally stop in the middle of the street to flip a penny around.

7. I like to talk about the same thing obsessively, and I never get bored about talking about it. I'll talk to anyone who will listen. Usually it's me just complaining about things. I love to complain.

8. When I was 4 I saw "The Amazing Panda Adventure" and it immediately became my favourite movie. At the same time I fell in love with pandas. Later that same week my dad bought me a stuffed panda and we became inseparable. I still sleep with it every night and whenever I travel I take Panda with me.

9. My closet is colour coded.

10. I recently sliced my fingernail right down the middle because it got caught in a ladder. I cannot type with my index finger on my left hand now. :(

That's me. I'm strange, I know. Lol. Anyways, I'm supposed to tag 10 people I think.

Ps. I might be participating in this really interesting project soon which will mean some of your involvement. I'll let you all know about it asap.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Scared Potter?" "You wish!"

shirt, dad's old Ralph Lauren. skirt, Head. shoes, Aldo.

On Sunday I finally saw the sixth Harry Potter. It was really good, although I was sort of disappointed that they missed the huge battle at end. Nonetheless I loved it overall.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

when the world seems to shine like you had too much wine, that's amore

I had a fantastically amazing day today. After doing some shopping in Buffalo, we came back to Canada and we went to Niagara Falls where we walked around beautiful gardens and near the falls, taking hundreds of pictures along the way. Next we headed down to a winery for some wine tasting, at which point we bought tons of wine. After that we went down to the little town called Niagara on the Lake, where we strolled along the street and took many pictures near magnificent flower beds. We sampled lots of delicacies in one little shop, and on the way home we stopped to buy some delicious looking cherries. Overall, it was a beautiful day, and it was made even better, while on the drive home I listened to Italian music with the sunlight pouring in through the windows.

dress, vintage. shoes, Steve Madden. bracelet, Honey. other jewelry, gifts.

Friday, July 17, 2009

can't explain my mind

I don't really do ranting posts ever, but I think that it is time for me to bless you all with a rant. I'm in a strange mood, I can hardly explain it myself. I feel like everything is going so well, but at the same time there are so many little problems that need to be solved, yet I hardly want to start solving them, for life is quite good without them being solved. I think it's the fact that soon I will officially be a university student, by officially I mean that I will have my schedule and such. I have many university gatherings coming up, including Frosh week. Even though I'm really excited, I'm equally nervous for I don't know how well I'll adjust, especially since I'll have to meet so many new people, although this isn't making me as nervous as the prospect of a first year economics class. I really don't know what I'm thinking, but I need it if I want to major in International Relations.

Enough about school though, lately I've been thinking about setting up a little online shop with some clothes for sale. I have a lot of clothes that I never wear and I think it's be a great way to make some extra money if I sold them. The problem is that I don't know how to go about setting up this whole thing, so if anyone could please steer me in the right direction, I'd be ever grateful.

Tomorrow I'm going to Buffalo for a couple hours for some shopping, then back across the border to Canada to Niagara Falls. I should have lots of pictures to show you all when I get back.

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Some thing I would love to own at the moment is this dress. It looks so structured and perfect.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

in the spotlight

dress, Guess. shoes, Nine West. headband, Gap. jewelry, custom made.

I'm working hard these days, and I'm thinking about getting a second job for the weekends at a golf club. It might not even be every weekend and it would be a good way to get some extra spending money. Anyways, today I went to the mall with my parents and I saw so many lovely things. I'm currently searching for staples, especially in the shoe area, but most of the stuff I really liked was full price, so I must now wait for sales...hmph. I have a huge wish list from Club Monaco at the moment, which has become my new favourite store. The best part about the store is that most of the things are very basic (simply put, they're staples), so I want to get some things that I could wear over and over again by mixing with more complex items that I already own. Plus, it's very good quality clothing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

tidal waves drifting

I love this shirt. It was originally my dad's but he never wore it, so I took it. I just adore the colours and it's loose, so it's nice to wear on a summer day. I don't usually wear this denim skirt, but I pulled it out of my closet today and I thought that it would go well with this shirt.

shirt, Dad's. skirt, Hollister. belt, vintage. shoes, Birkenstock.