Sunday, August 30, 2009

the long and winding road

I went university book shopping today, although I only bought books for 3 of my 5 courses because I still don't know the books that I need for the other two courses. Before I ended up at the book store, I somehow got sidetracked into Kensington Market where I found myself infront of my favourite vintage clothing shop. Inside I discovered, buried behind racks of clothes, a deep yellow vintage Christian Dior skirt. It felt a bit like Christmas I must admit, especially because the price was simply amazing. After my little vintage shopping trip I got lost within Kensington Market due to the amount of people there. Yet, it turned out to be alright for I stumbled upon many wonderful things such as a life size scrabble board game in session, some music and dance shows, a $1 book sale (I didn't find anything I liked), and many other exciting things. The streets were crowded, I'd never seen Kensington Market so full before, but it was quite nice.
After finding my way out of the maze of streets I went to buy my books. Before going home I stopped to buy a green tea at Starbucks and take pictures outside one of the buildings in my university. I have to find out a good way to take my pictures without a tripod, so today was sort of a trial run.
Once home, I spent the day outside taking pictures and spending time with family, overall, a lovely Sunday.

Hope you all had amazing weekends! :)

cardigan, French Connection. skirt, vintage. tee, Forever 21. shoes, Aldo. headband, thrifted. jewelry, gifts.


Little Red said...

Love this look! The skirt and the ring are fabulous.

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

You look so polished and chic. This looks great on you! I really love that skirt and even more, I love those rings!

I love the Kensington Market. So much.

Thanks so much for stopping by - Nah, I live like an hour away from Toronto though, so I go somewhat often. And I love Queen Street! Definitely one of my favourites!

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

I love that yellow ring SO SO MUCH!! So chic :)


linaa, said...

looking freakishly classy and elegant here darling!
i hope soo!
more outfit postsPLEASE

Eva Internazionale said...

Yay, your ring! & I'm always so bummed walking past stacks of €1 books and there's nothing I want. :/

Baśka said...

stylish, feminine look. love that!

Alexandra said...

I love your ring!
Also, congrats on the 100th post a few days ago! The video was great! I'd never realised your blog name came from a song. It's nice that it has a real meaning as well :)

beatriz said...

Great outfit! I love the skirt!
un saludo :)

Flashes of Style said...

Gorgeous skirt! I am loving it :)

Pedro Herrero. said...

Hi, thank you for commenting! I really like your blog, congratulations!

198, Butterfly:

Patty Ann said...

you are sooooo
and that ring is really pretty!
you're blog name is so funny, espeically because you are SO PRETTY in photographs!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

it sounds like day.
you look beautiful.
and i am in love love with your rings.
i have tagged/awarded you on my blog.

thesydneygirl said...

<3 this outfit! cream
colours are my fave at
the moment! x