Friday, July 24, 2009

i like the way you move

This weekend is going to be very busy for me since I'm going to a lot of fun places, so expect pictures everyone.

I was tagged by Frock around the Clock. :)

1. My biggest goal in life at the moment is to get into a very good law school. Of course I dream of Harvard and Yale, but those at the moment are still dreams, but maybe in four years they will be reality.

2. My grandmother gave me a viking boat pendant a year ago and I've worn it practically every single day for a year. The necklace was meant to help me "sail through life safely and with lots of good luck". I like to think that it's working.

3. Books are amazing. I especially love old used books because I think they give character to the book. It's fun to imagine what the previous owners thought of the book and so on. Sometimes old books have notes from previous readers, it makes the whole reading process so much more wonderful.

4. I hate knowing I'm right and having to convince someone that I am in fact right. Yet instead of leaving it alone, I will make sure I let people know that I'm right. Although it's definitely not the best attitude to have, it's one of "those" things that we each have about ourselves.

5. I hate it when people are disorganized. It freaks me out and makes me really nervous. When I was younger and I used to go shopping with my parents, I'd walk away from them and they'd end up finding me organizing the items in whatever store we were. (Clothing store - I'd be folding the clothes and picking them up from the floor, Book Store - I'd be making sure all the books were in order and neatly stacked). This is a reason I find it hard to be friends with people who are messy. I hate going to someones house and having to go to their room where everything is thrown about on the floor, it gives me a huge urge to just clean.

6. I always pick up pennies, but if they are tails up, I flip them over so that someone else will have good luck. I'll literally stop in the middle of the street to flip a penny around.

7. I like to talk about the same thing obsessively, and I never get bored about talking about it. I'll talk to anyone who will listen. Usually it's me just complaining about things. I love to complain.

8. When I was 4 I saw "The Amazing Panda Adventure" and it immediately became my favourite movie. At the same time I fell in love with pandas. Later that same week my dad bought me a stuffed panda and we became inseparable. I still sleep with it every night and whenever I travel I take Panda with me.

9. My closet is colour coded.

10. I recently sliced my fingernail right down the middle because it got caught in a ladder. I cannot type with my index finger on my left hand now. :(

That's me. I'm strange, I know. Lol. Anyways, I'm supposed to tag 10 people I think.

Ps. I might be participating in this really interesting project soon which will mean some of your involvement. I'll let you all know about it asap.


Annie Spandex said...

That's really sweet what you do with pennies: )

Amelia said...

Thanks for the tag! This was really interesting to read.

Also, I'm fine with shipping to Canada, so you get to be the 5th person in my Pay It Forward project! I'll email you tomorrow for your mailing address.

Lara said...

I know what you mean about old books, they are so much better 2nd hand...and its eco-friendly! :)

yiqin; said...

I love the first photo :)