Wednesday, July 29, 2009

flowers left by night at my door-step

white shirt, Club Monaco. pink shirt, Forever 21. skirt, Forever 21. shoes, Peaches.

I got my hair cut today. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. My heels kept sinking in the grass so I rushed my pictures, and hence, I ended up not getting a good enough photo.
The weather has been wonderful lately, although most people wouldn't agree with me. I love rain, and we've been having so much rain, it's truly made my summer. I hate hot weather, so this rain has been nice.
As university gets closer I feel the need to stock up on some more clothes, especially skirts and dresses, since that's practically all I wear. Forever 21 has some lovely skirts and dresses on their website but unfortunately I cannot find them here in Canada, and the American site won't ship to Canada. Plus they have a line of clothing that hasn't even come to Canada in stores or online, and they have a couple amazing dresses that I would just love to have. Hopefully, I can find similar ones somewhere.

I just realised that this is my 76th post so I only have 24 more till 100. I have to think up a really special post for my 100th. I still have some time, but it needs to be really good.

Have a good day everyone!


Ashleigh said...

Thanks for the vote girlie! You dont know how much I appreciate can vote once per day...

and I went to St Michaels College...I really have no better reasoning other than I chose it because Im Roman Catholic...I was never near the college though because I majored in Sciences so was usually in the physics/chem/bio labs and medical building...Its a gorgeous campus..and I loved every minute of it...My first exam was a shocker though...I was used to straight A's ...that was my FIRST C+ ever...haha...I got over it was the nerves....just relax and do your best!

Ashleigh said...

P.s, Those shoes are the cutest ;)

Baśka said...

love the combination of colors :)

ps - so, i envy you even more! ;)

Gia Illusion said...

Nice skirt. bThat's right Baśka!

suzannah said...

i *love* your outfit and those flowers are so pretty <3

nicola ticola ponders said...

The photos are cute, I like that you've taken them at night :-)

check out my latest post for a dress giveaway you might like to enter!

Nicola xx

nookie said...

gorgeous pics darling,love your outfit the skirt is so cute

Micaela said...


love your hair...did you just get a trim? sorry, its hard to tell with your pictures.

I love the pictures of the flowers too, they're so pretty!


Tariro said...

Cute outfit!
And i love your hair :)

Amelia said...

I love the flowers! Great night shots.

fashionista said...

The skirt is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I would love to exchange links! I'm putting you on my links list right now.


P.S. Your blog name is awesome :)