Wednesday, June 10, 2009

one night, one more time

Hello everybody, sorry for my lack of updates, but I have been extremely busy. I finish high school in 2 days and then I have exams and then I am FREE! Lately because of school, sleepless nights, high school ending, and so on,  my blog has been sliding down the list of my top priorities at the moment. Anyways, these are my promised prom pictures. I'm not posting pictures of me and my friends, so these are the ones my lovely parents took before I left for prom. Overall, prom was fun, although there were those people that just had to ruin the night. I'll obviously remember prom for many years to come, but it was certainly not a highlight of my high school career.

Ps. Thank you so much to the two lovely people who have given me awards. I noticed one of them calls for a little questionnaire bit,  so I'll put that up in my next post.  One again, sorry for my lack of posts, they will get better though. I promise! Thank you for all the support.

And how did I arrive to prom? Well, in style of course.


Baśka said...

you looked seriously stunning!
i've had my prom in fabruary but remember it until now :) funny night ;)
the vehicle looks almost like a limousine ;D ;D

La Femme Chic said...

Your dress is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morena G.Y. said...

You look so so so so amazing. Oh my goodness this must be my favorite post. You look SO good. Aww...I feel like a proud mom. Haha. You look so pretty. :)

Love the new profile picture by the way.

We haven't talked in so long. Tell me how you are!

(Tomorrow's my last day of school also. Congrats on finishing.)

Morena G.Y. said...

P.S. Glad you had fun at prom. :)

Victoria-H said...

Oh thank u dear ! :)
You looked absolutly stunning ! Hope u had a fun night! And good luck on the exams and everything !

yiqin; said...

Your hair isdone up so well :)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

you look beautifullll!! that dress is SO nice, the neckline is just perfect. so so so nice. and i know how you feel about prom, so fun, but never really lived up to the hype for me! xx

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Wow you look STUNNING! The dress is clearly a classic, and the headband is so Blair Waldorf. You look spectacular. Wow. And I rode in a zebra jungle-themed bus to prom — not quite as classy as the double-decker!
And I feel similarly about prom being nothing too definitive of high school.
Congrats on almost being a graduate!

Annie said...

It's a gorgeous dress! You look so beautiful and cute!

milk said...

your dress is so pretty. lovely pictures!!

M. and O. said...

Thanks for u'r comments :DD

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wickedapple said...

amazing dress, great color and details.
hope you had fun :)

kirstyb said...

Cute dress xoxox

Rand said...

oh my i thought u have deleted ur blog bcs i tried for 10min. to come on ur blog but it says the page is not there!!!!1
u looooook great!!and the bus is so cute