Thursday, June 4, 2009

it feels like a Harry Potter book

Hey everybody, so Prom is tomorrow, and I'm very excited. For those wondering, I'm not going with a date, just my friends. I personally believe that dates are overrated unless you're dating someone cause otherwise you have to spend the whole night with the person and even if you agree to spend time away the whole time you'll be wondering if they're having fun or not. So I'm anti-date at the moment. Anyways, expect a HUGE update on Saturday. I am so so so so excited for prom. It's gonna be amazing.

Anyways, last Saturday I went to visit my university campus and here are some pictures. My dad insisted on taking my outfits photos by the tree, lol. :) This is a VERY small part of the campus, but the university is separated into these colleges that act as a sort of home base. Anyways, there were a lot of pictures, but I had to pick an choose. I cannot wait for university next year :)

This is the dining hall. It looks like the Great Hall.
skirt, Forever 21. cardigan, Jacob. dress shirt, Guess. shoes, Guess. jewelry, custom made as a gift.


La Femme Chic said...

You look excellent! So perfect with university in the background.
Wait a minute.....! I think you're going to one of my top choicesssss! I've composed a list of all the unis I want to apply to. Hahaha. Clearly I am an impatient student.
P.S. I am now following you on twitter :)

Casey said...

Oh, I hope you have a fantastic time at prom! I didn't have a date for mine either, and it was really nice to spend the last dance of high school with all of my friends. I did take my prom photo with a male friend of mine [haha, who just eventually ended up being a boyfriend.] Had to have something to show the grandkids!

And the university looks gorgeous! Your outfit fits in pretty well, too, which has to be a sign that you're going to love it next year.

I also have an award for you on my blog. :]

Baśka said...

well, we are in the similar situation. i'm applying to the university in june/july and hope to get there in october :D
i love how the american universities look like! i wish i could be studying at one of them ;) so, good luck with getting there next year :))
and have a wonderful time on a prom! i know it's great :))

Frock Around the Clock said...

That uni looks lovely! It reminds me a bit of my school which was very Hogwarts - it was designed by the same person who designed the houses of parliament because they wanted to test out how the building would stand on marshy ground apparently. Have a wonderful time at your prom and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics from it! :) x

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

have so much fun at prom love!! i know you'll have a great time. also, is that uoft? and what college are you in?? i'm heading there next year, and missed my orientation yesterday whoops!

Blanquita G said...

i like your skirt, but im in love whit the handrail of the first photo!

milk said...

You look great!!!
I've awarded you!

Annie said...

The picture of you with the tree is so cute!!

What a grand school..

Solo said...

Enjoy your prom night.;D And the university is so great! And look at the tree?! Soooo big.;D Looking forward on your next post. Love your skirt btw..;D

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paola said...