Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cause right now you're the only thing that's making any sense to me

mini dress, vintage. skirt, Head. kitten heels, The Bay. belt, vintage. jewelry, mix of gifts/vintage.

I've been going through piles of homework each day, which is becoming harder every day due to the consistently beautiful weather we're having and my lack of sleep. I really must be suffering from all the  symptoms of spring fever. I just cannot get enough of the sun peaking out from under the clouds, the flowers and trees blooming, the beautiful carpets of glass decking open spaces. I feel like throwing away all my school books and simply enjoying life, yet unfortunately, I must suffer through a month and three weeks until that glorious period of freedom. Then come September I will begin four grueling years of more school, but I'm looking forward to those years. :)

I miss my little quote of the day things, so here's one for today:
" Never frown when you are sad, you never know who is falling in love with your smile."

Ps. Today is 1 month till prom, so that means only 1 month till you'll all see my prom dress. :D

Some flowers from my garden. No idea what their called. If anyone knows, please tell me.


Victoria-H said...

yea, well I just bought my normal one I alwayesed used... I should stick with that one- and not by the ones on sale haha..

Morena Daisy said...

I totally agree with that comment you left. No one can REALLY say what's ugly because what is beautiful anyway?

I personally find everything beautiful. I posted this on the blog but I like to say, "There's beauty in everyone. You're just not looking right." And I believe that so much.

Anyway, nice outfit as always. You know vintage is my favourite. ;)

Annie said...

Those flowers are called "bleeding hearts." They were my grandfather's favorite. :)

Baśka said...

love the dress and the floral pattern! so lovely :)

Jess said...

Great dress & it looks awesome with the belt. I know what you mean, but the weathers not great here so my only real problem is the revision & lack of sleep.

Beautiful flowers, I think their called heart something. I think, maybe...

morena said...

ohh !! I love this look :]

Summer said...

Love your shoes.;D
And you look so good on it,have a great day.;D


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

loveee the florals, they look amazing on you. ee prom, is it weird that i'm excited for you? haha xx

Solo said...

Love your dress and the flowers.So lovely.;D


Frock Around the Clock said...

I know exactly how you are feeling on the work front.. only I finish next Thursday! (University is great for its long holidays) Love your dress and skirt and all of the bangles! :) x

yiqin; said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I love the second picture very much!

lucille said...

You look great !! I love your shirt !!!

Nice and Shiny said...

OMG, why must you torture me with all your amazing thrifted florals!?>? I never find any cool floral things, but you dress is straight up amazing! I love how you styled it too.


ps- the shoes in my recent post are from H&M just incase you wanted to know ;D They are pretty hot, I'm lovin them too


Rand said...

wow why would anyone from ur school send stupid stuff like that?weirdos
i love ur yellow dress
i ahve exams and they are hard too:(