Friday, April 24, 2009

you want a peice of me?

First off, thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog and likes it. I appreciate it so much. Your support means everything to me. :)

Second, to the anonymous poster who has decided to write rude comments on my previous post, you have serious issues. I don't see you posting your pictures on the Internet, and the fact that you have to write everything anonymously just shows how insecure you are. Before you start criticising my blog and the way I dress and look, you should go and look at yourself. I'm not the one who needs to get a life, you are, especially if you spend your time writing rude comments on a blog that you apparently don't like. If you need to put others down to make yourself feel better, then that's not my fault. Just because I dress different and not like an Abercrombie or Hollister clone doesn't mean you have to act like an idiot. If you don't like my blog, then DON'T READ IT!!!!
Oh, and PS. relle is not a word. It's spelt REALLY. Learn to spell before you go around being an ass.
No new outfit posts, but I did do a little photoshoot today. I was so tired that only one picture actually came out really well. Enjoy!
I decided to drop my shoe right when the camera took the picture, so it looks like my shoe is resting on my leg, but it's actually falling.


Nice and Shiny said...

I guess the comment has been taken off by now, but whatever it was its not important. It sounds like it was just pure rudeness, unless a comment is constructive then its quite pointless to post!

This is such a cool picture, straight out of a Marc Jacobs ad! ( in a good way) You actually look freakishly like my friend here, its crzy! But you both are so cool, so its all good lol!


Summer said...

Oh yes!
That's right,if they don't want your blog they don't have to read it..;D
But me,i definitely love your blog,and i always enjoy visiting here.
Btw,great shot with falling shoe..;D
I love it.Have a great weekend dear..;D

La Femme Chic said...

UGgghh its so completely pointless leaving bloggers rude comments.
I don't know what the comment said but I love your blog. SO THERE ANONYMOUS POSTER WHAT NOW?

Vintage Vinyl said...

I love your blog! Screw those idiots who like to write crap about other people because they are insecure and have nothing better to do.

Cool outfit and glasses!! And I like the new banner.

Solo said...

Love that falling shoes shot.Very cute..And have a great day.=)

Lightning Heart said...

hahah! i was wondering what was up with the shoe, quite a sexy shoe i might add, i love them!
sorry to hear you got a rude comment, it's not nice that people feel they need to say nasty things, i just don't get it :(

morena said...

love this pic:)

milk said...

I can't believe the nerve of the Anonymous A-Hole. That's so petty to just do that.
I love love love the picture.

(Encyclo)lydia said...

YES! YOU TELL THOSE BITCHES OUT THERE OFF! Honestly, people are jealous of fabulous bloggers like yourself who can put up such wonderful photos, looking amazing, with zero inhibitions. I adore you!
And thanks for the prom dress thoughts awhile back! My prom isn't all that fancy. Though the level of "into it"-ness depends on which social group we're talking about. What about yours?

Enep said...

that's hot. I love your shoes!<3

anyway, you should keep move on :D I had one once, I felt very disturbed by it. and yeah, that sucks.


She's Dressing Up said...

Ooh those red shoes are lovely!