Wednesday, April 15, 2009

who you gonna call?

shirt, DIY. skirt, DIY. belt, vintage. tights, mom's. shoes, Aldo.
The weather is amazing, and the lovely people on the news said to expect amazing weather all week, on Friday it's supposed to be up to 18 degree Celsius. I cannot wait!!! Friday I'm going to a little shin-ding at my school called Coffee House. It's basically a night of music, singing, and sometimes even dancing and stand up comedy. My school transforms our cafeteria into a little coffee house like room. There's a couple couches, a little stage and a lot of circular tables to sit at. I'm really excited because a lot of my friends are performing and it's just an overall great way to spend a Friday night.
Today was no uniform day at school, so this is what I wore. The shirt is the DIY I was talking about earlier. Ghosbusters anyone? The skirt is also a DIY.
The picture below is of the buds starting to appear on my apple tree. Yay! SPRING!!
Hope you all have an amazing day!


Lightning Heart said...

love it! brilliant outfit!

Summer said...

Love your outfit.It really fits you girl.;D
Looking forward on your new post.;D
Btw,could it be possible to link my site on your site?Thank you so much,i would really appreciate it.;D
I will surely follow through your beautiful blog.;D Have a great day.

C a t r i n a said...

Amazing outfit, love the ghostbuster's tee :D:D

AND you're hair looks amazing too, i wanted to cut mine before i found a pic of Alice Dellal . She inspired me soso much :D

Anyway, you look stunning :)


Solo said...

Oh girl.I love your top!=)
You look great.;D

Rand said...

love the skirt+shirt

Frock Around the Clock said...

Amazing t-shirt! The coffee house thing at your school sounds like such a good idea! Have fun :) x

Victoria C said...

Coffee house sounds like so much fun! You look great too, love all the diying

LeJournaldeChrys said...

Très jolie tenue!!!

Anonymous said...

Your heating it up, doctor,doctor heat it up, I want to sweet you up, baby want to sweet you up. I know you love me and I love you. I might not be a stallion but I am a pony with a good kick if you know what I mean. So my b-day's coming up. cough cough. so who you gonna call? Mrs. Jones that's who!

Morena Doll said...

That skirt is to die for.
Anyway thanks for the comment.
I don't even remember where I got that dress by the way. haha.

katty said...

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