Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dreaming of a better day

blazer, Bershka. tee, Forever 21. skirt, DIY. shoes, Aldo. belt, unknown.

Things I hate:
1. Essays and assignments from every class due on the SAME day.
2. Windy days.
3. People who never say what they really want to say and make you guess what they mean to say, but than you don't want to guess because you might be wrong and end up looking stupid.
4. When people smoke right next to you.
5. Running out of time.
6. People who are scared of taking risks and putting themselves out there.

Things I like:
1. Love.
2. Dancing around my room to old school songs.
3. Beautiful clothes.
4. Making disgusting smoothies with my best friend and talking about life.
5. Cherry Blossom trees and Magnolias.
6. Feeling like there's no tomorrow, only today and tonight.
7. Dancing.


Victoria-H said...

I know right ! So much fun. not having to really "work hard" haha... :D

Baśka said...

everything is perfectly combined :) like it!

yiqin; said...

You look so stylish in a white blazer! So jealous!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I'm totally loving white blazers right now and you're wearing this one so well!! I hate when people smoke next to me too, and I also love dancing :) xx

Summer said...

Oh i adore your whit blazer,and your belt,gorgeous..;D


Solo said...

Love your belt girl.;D


She's Dressing Up said...

Love your belt!!

Siska said...

wow stunning pics!

Lightning Heart said...

i tagged you in my blog ^_^