Thursday, January 29, 2009

on a winter's morn'

Sorry I've been AWOL for a bit, but I had exams....but now I'm done. Yay! So update.

Today I went out to lunch with some friends to Montana's, and what did I wear you may ask, well, see for yourselves:

coat, united colors of benetton. cardigan, banana republic. polo, abercrombie(from those days). skirt, hollister(again from those days). accessories, some are vintage, some are gifts. tights,, enzo angiolini.

I didn't actually wear those shoes though because it's absolutely freezing out here. But when the weather warms up, this outfit will definitely be worn with those shoes. I was going for a preppy kinda look with a twist, what with the polo, cardigan and pearls, but at the same time with the denim skirt and grey tights. I also found these great old vintage pins that my dad used to collect, and I realised they make great accessories.
I'm really excited for next week because it's my friends 18th birthday party, and because she's Filipino, they have HUGE 18th birthday celebrations, so I get to dress up for her party. I'm really excited, and therefore, I'm going to look up hairstyles, and make up ideas. I'm not yet sure what dress I'll wear, but hopefully something black because I've been dying to wear my red high heels, and I don't have dresses any other colour that match my shoes.
Today, I leave you with a quote:
"Old clothes are old friends."
-Coco Chanel
How true, huh?
Ooo, and a must see movie: Center Stage
PS. I have some great new posts coming up. So stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's how I should wear the polo you gave me, good idea fool hehe

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